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​Workplace Wellness and Anger Management Education for Employees

This article for employee wellness was written by Steve
Dell Hypnotherapy
and features ways in which you can improve workplace
wellness and positively manage anger.

employee articles related
to wellness is a great way to gain helpful advice on a number of
work-related issues. From an employee and employer perspective; workplace
wellness and well-being is crucial for ensuring a positive working environment.

Why Workplace Wellness is Important

First of all, why is it so important that
workplace wellness is practiced?

huge 80% of UK workers reported they felt stressed at work, A Telegraph

also stated that “in total, stress,
anxiety and depression now makes up 43.8 per cent of all workplace
illness, up considerably from 32 per cent in 2001/0”. As a workforce, if the
mental health and well-being of your employees is made a priority, these numbers
can be significantly reduced. It is essential for employee wellness to be
prioritized not just for the obvious benefits to each individual and their
health, but also in order to create the most positive and motivating working
atmosphere as possible for your employees.

As an employee, doing
everything you can in order to improve and maintain your well-being is only
going to have a positive impact on your health. Taking part in company yoga
classes or mental health workshops are great ways to unwind and put your mental
health first.

How to Positively Deal with Anger in the

is a natural reaction to a build up of stress and other negative emotions. It
is completely normal and human to feel angry from time to time, particularly in
difficult or stressful situations. There are often conflicts in work that can
lead to you feeling angry; however it is important that you deal with your
anger in a positive and healthy way.

people express their anger in negative ways it can have an unhealthy impact on
others in the workplace, lowering morale and effecting productivity. Recognizing
when you’re angry is the first step to take, as you can then find effective
ways to voice how you’re feeling in a mature way and also calm yourself down.

How to Manage an Angry Employee

a manager, dealing with an angry employee can be very difficult. However, you
need to approach the situation in a calm and professional manner, clearly
following any procedures and doing your best to listen to all sides of the
situation. If it is an isolated issue, organize a meeting to discuss the matter
with the individual offering any help if needed, or letting them know where
they have breached any company policies.

Effective Anger Management
ways to positively deal with your own anger is something that is going to vary
depending on how you deal with stress as a person. For example you may find
that you like to express your emotions by writing them down, or you may find it
easier to discuss how you’re feeling with a colleague or a member of the HR
team in work. There are also other anger management methods you can try in the
workplace such as the following:

Take a Break

when to have a breather or go for a 5 minute break when you’re feeling
particularly stressed is a great way to deal with your anger. If you feel you
need to vent, grab a friend or trusted colleague and ask if they fancy joining
you for a cup of coffee. Sit down away from your desk and simply breathe. Try
to take your mind off what is bothering you by finding a distraction even if
it’s going for a walk on your lunch break or popping to the shops for a browse.

Think Before You Speak (or Send!)

really easy to say things either out loud or in an email in the heat of the
moment when you’re feeling frustrated, but aim to give yourself time to really
think about the consequences before you do.

it can be difficult to hold in exactly how you’re feeling, getting up and
leaving your desk as soon as you feel angry, or keeping your cool in front of
your colleagues will only help you in the long run. It will prevent you from looking
unprofessional and making the issue at hand worse. Give yourself time to think
of a better solution and ask for help if you need it.

Seek Advice

are plenty of businesses that have certain wellness and anger management
procedures in place as well as programs you can undertake to gain support.
Speak to a member of staff to inquire about anything that could benefit you or
if your anger is something you’re struggling to manage on a more serious scale,
consider taking up something productive such as a sport or martial arts. You
can also read a number of helpful employee articles related to wellness online or in self-care
books which are sure to give you plenty of tips and useful exercises to do.

anger as an employee or manager is highly important in order to improve general
workplace wellness, and it also allows for a more positive working environment.
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Author Bio:

Steve Dell
provides solution-focused hypnotherapy in order
to help people deal with issues such as anger management, anxiety, confidence
and low self-esteem, as well as writer’s block, depression and many more. 

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