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The Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn Marketing For HR Professionals

When we think of LinkedIn, we usually connect with recruiters, apply for jobs, or follow people or companies whose work we admire. However, LinkedIn is also a great marketing channel, particularly for B2B businesses. Effective LinkedIn marketing allows you to establish and grow your professional network, generate leads, improve brand awareness, share helpful content, and drive traffic to your website. Over the years, thousands of companies have harnessed LinkedIn to promote their products and services or find great employees. It’s about time your company joined the ranks of businesses that use LinkedIn marketing to promote your business. This guide will show you how to master LinkedIn marketing. Why use social media to promote yourself You might be wondering why your brand needs to use social media as a promotional channel when other methods are available, such as outdoor advertising, TV ads, email marketing, SEO, or video streaming services. Whenever I encounter this question, I tend to ask back, “Where do people hang out nowadays?” According to Statista, over 3.6 billion social network users worldwide as of 2020. That number is …